Want a New Job? No Time to Find One? These Hacks Will Help!

Whether you’re currently working a job you don’t love or you’re unemployed looking for your next opportunity, there are some job-hunting hacks that can help you find your next position. Before you spend hours digging through job boards to find just the right opportunity, there are some simple things you can do to save time and still find a great opportunity. Let’s take a closer look.

Leverage Social Media

Companies want to be where the most people are, so make sure you’re there, too. That means social media. Follow companies in your area where you might like to work and you’ll see when they post jobs online.

You can also make sure your private network knows you’re looking for a new position. If you’re currently employed, you don’t need to make this public. Just message a few people in your inner circle. You never know when they might hear about an opportunity.

If you’re unemployed, tell everyone (if you’re comfortable with it). Put it out there on all your social media platforms. It’s quite possible this will attract a top employer to your profiles.

Have Your Resume Ready

Whether you’re working or not, always have your resume ready. Frequently update it, even if you’re not looking for a position. It’s easier to remember things when you put them on your resume when you’ve done them.

This is also a great reason to have a LinkedIn that you update regularly. You can pull from this living document into your resume when you’re ready to find a new position.

Have the resume available so you can send it to a company when you see a posting online.

Use Phone Notifications

You can also sign up for alerts from companies to send new postings directly to your phone. You may be able to see them faster and jump on an application. The job boards all have the ability to sign up for alerts through the job boards as well.

You can also sign up for Google alerts to come to your email. You can design an alert to send updates of jobs in your preferred field and city each time a new position is posted. You may see some junk along the way, but you’ll also get some gems.

Work with a Staffing Agency

Since finding a job is a full-time job, definitely get all the outside help you can. Apply with a local staffing agency, especially one who specializes in your specific skills. They can help you find the best opportunity to fit your background and interests right in the community.

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