Easy vs. Personalized – What Does the Customer Want?

For your customer service department and call center, how do you determine the level of service you provide? Do you look at the metrics and data and create a service plan that fits what each customer wants? Or do you consider what your customers want when they contact your call center to resolve issues or answer questions? There is an interesting dichotomy in customer service. Consumers want the experience to be easy while companies believe they want personalized assistance. So how do you resolve the difference in expectations?

Repeating the Customer’s Name

In spite of the fact that this is listed as a top priority from customer service operations, this touch is not as important to the consumer. Personalization at this level is only on the surface and customers would rather have easy solutions to their concerns than pleasantries. While this seems like a small issue, it’s more important to focus on the training that will allow your representatives to help customers solve their problems.

No Access to Preferred Communication

However, customers do care whether or not customer service departments can be reached through multiple methods. Some users still prefer picking up the phone and talking with a representative. However, others are looking for less interactive communications such as a FAQ page that may describe common solutions or a chatbot to message.

Inability to Modify Policies

Another concern from consumers is a call center’s ability to modify policies based on their specific problems or requests. Sure, there may be times when the ask is too great and the company is unable to accommodate. But there are other times when the customer service representative could make an alteration but refuse based on arbitrary conditions.

No Access after Business Hours

Since consumers are often working daily 9-to-5 jobs, they need to make their connections after typical business hours. When a call center is closed, they feel they can’t get the service they need when they need it. Offering other hours, even by working with representatives in different time zones, is crucial to the customer experience.

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