When is The Best Time to Get a New Job

What time of year should you be looking for a new job? Did you know that your job search can be seasonal? Companies do spend more time hiring in some seasons more than others, but how would you know where to focus your efforts. If you want to improve your job search, consider when you should be applying for new jobs. Here is some insight on the seasonal nature of hiring.


While spring is right around the corner for us, we are still in the winter. But winter can be further separated into two parts, the holiday and the New Year.

In November and December, companies might begin slowing down as they get ready for the holidays. But this also depends on the industry. Organizations that rely on the holidays for their revenue may begin ramping up. But don’t discount the winter just because you think no one’s hiring. Because most job seekers believe that hiring is at a standstill when you do apply for a job you may have less competition.

But after the first of January, things shift. Companies that did put off their hiring or new projects are now putting all their effort toward them. This is also a time when the seeds you planted in the final quarter may start to show promise.


March heralds the official beginning of spring, and with a renewed interest in the hiring process. As the spring marches on into May, the need for new hires becomes more urgent as companies are now planning for the summertime, which may mean a number of vacations.

If you’re in the market in the spring, be sure to consider your own summer plans. You may want to rearrange your schedule so you can be of service to a potential employer when they’re also dealing with a human capital issue.


You may think that summer is a great season to look for a job, but the truth is, industry tends to slow down at this time. That’s not to say companies aren’t working hard, but by now they’ve already made their staffing decisions for the year.

But where you can find a new position in the summertime is when a company has an unforeseen resignation or new position that arises based on technology or experience. To find these opportunities, be sure to follow the companies in your area where you might want to work. Check their online job boards and social media regularly.


The next biggest hiring push for most companies comes in the fall. Increased hiring happens in September and October as companies are rushing to utilize their annual budget and get hiring done before the fourth quarter.

There may also be a case where hiring managers want to ensure that a job is filled before the end of the year. A job that remains unfilled may be considered unnecessary by upper management and the hiring managers will lose their ability to find a candidate if they wait any longer.

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