Is Your Call Center Just a “Cost Center?” Here’s How to Turn That Around

In business terms, a cost center is an area of business that is necessary for operations but does not add to the company’s profits. Many people lump call center teams in this category, assuming that they are essential for the company to function but the cost more money than they generate. But that isn’t true anymore. Good customer service is critical for retention, and companies are using this as a reason to invest more in the process. Here are some things you can do to ensure that your customer service call center is contributing to the success of your company.

Increase in Technology

Call centers have always had their own computer systems to track calls and customer resolutions. But the industry has continued to advance, and companies need to realize that investing in good call center technology is important for success. It may feel like this is just setting up to be a cost center, but technology can help with customer retention and upsells.

Global Infrastructure

Companies are increasingly more reliant on the global community for customer service and customer base. That means organizations will need to invest in infrastructure that helps advance this global market and gives call center employees the tools they need to succeed.

Cloud-based Software

To do all of this, organizations are also looking at cloud services to help augment their customer service departments. This can allow people to access information globally, but can also allow individuals to work remotely. While the initial investment into cloud technology can be high, having a remote customer service workforce reduces other overhead.

Combined Services

It’s also critical for companies to look at the way customers are interacting with their business and products. Sometimes its purely generational. Baby boomers want to be able to call a representative on the phone and discuss their problems. While millennials may prefer online chat options or self-service portals. This can help expand your call center to provide the solutions your customers want.

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