Resume Red Flags That You Should be Aware of

Reviewing resumes is a delicate art. There are some many things to consider when you need to hire a skilled and qualified individual for your open position. And for all the reasons you consider a candidate, you also need to rule them out in some cases. What are some of the red flags that you may want to watch out for right away? And are these things absolute deal breakers? Before you contact your next batch of candidates, consider these red flags.

Did Their Career Hit a Snag?

Do you notice an upward trend on their resume in terms of types of jobs and responsibilities? Most people are looking to advance their careers. If they have not done this, it might not be a deal breaker, but you need to understand the reasons and what their goals are now.

In some cases, an inability to advance a career meant they started too soon in something without enough experience and weren’t able to continue on that path. They may have been unable to focus on the needs of that company. Talk to them about their most recent experience and why it isn’t in line with past experience.

Are They Unable to Follow Directions?

Your application process should have a series of directions for job seekers to follow. Perhaps they need to submit a resume with a cover letter in the body of the email. Or maybe you need them to thoroughly complete an online application. The reasons for this are many, but a top one is to make sure each candidate can follow your directions.

If the candidate is unable to include the information you need in the cover letter or doesn’t completely fill out the online application, they may have a challenge following directions. And this isn’t something that will emerge over time. It’s important to consider applications who are thorough from the start.

Are They Over Qualified?

For years it seemed we heard a lot about the plight of the overqualified candidate. This was especially true during the last recession where layoffs were frequent but new jobs were scarce. And it still happens that someone with a lot of experience will throw their resume at any job that seems like it might be a potential fit, even if it isn’t.

But like other potential red flags, that doesn’t mean hiring someone overqualified is always a bad idea. You need to determine why they want your job. If they are looking for a foot in the door and want to quickly rise through the ranks, they may not be committed enough to this role to do a great job. If they wanted to take a step back from their previous career, this may be a great opportunity for you both.

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