6 Step Resume Proofing Process

Your resume is the very first impression you make with a potential employer. More often than not this two page document is received blind. The hiring manager doesn’t know who you are or why they should consider you for the opportunity. You own the responsibility of ensuring that your resume is as good as it can be. Here are 6 steps for proofing your resume before you send it to the next hiring manager.

  1. Look at the big picture. Before you start to edit for grammar and spelling, look at your finished resume as a sales document. Does this make the statement you need to make as a professional in your field? Are you missing any information or are there gaps in your employment that need to be addressed? Does the resume have a hook to encourage the recipient to read further? Is there any information that you could leave out?
  2. Perfection is in the details. Now, drill down further into the specifics of each section. Review each bullet point to make it as clear and informational as possible. Wherever possible add data to support your experience. Use active language and avoid industry buzzwords. Use examples wherever you can.
  3. Check your facts. Before you send any information out to a potential employer, make sure all of the facts are still correct. Companies move and change names and it is important that you have the most recent information even if it is different from when you worked there. Make sure your titles and dates of employment are accurate.
  4. Proofread for errors. Mistakes are easy to make on something you’ve poured your heart and soul into. There are so many potential typos that spell check won’t catch. Review every single word on the resume and don’t just skim for mistakes. Be consistent with your punctuation. Some professional proofreading tricks include reading it out loud, changing the font so you have to pay more attention, and having someone else look it over for you.
  5. Consider the layout and format. Once you have all the content the way you want it, and every word has been scrutinized to avoid errors, you can focus on the formatting. You want the pages to be easy to read. Don’t use fancy fonts or colors. The layout should be appealing and allow readers to find the most important information right away. Include your contact information on each page just in case they get separated.
  6. Customize the resumes. The final step in your resume editing process is to make sure that each document is tailored to job you want. Retool the skills and the experience to fit each position to ensure that you are speaking to the right audience. This may mean you have to go through the first five steps again each time to ensure the resume is the best it can be.

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