Why are You Losing Top Candidates?

Has the application and interviewing process caused you anxiety in your business? There are so many reasons for not being able to find just the right candidate. However, one reason that many companies don’t consider is their hiring process itself. Before blaming the talent pool or outside factors now might be a good time to evaluate your current process. Are there any steps you can change to improve the success rate? Here are just a few reasons you might be losing out on top candidates and how you can solve the problem.

  • The process is dragging out. Candidates do understand that hiring takes time but a big complaint is about the time between steps or the lack of feedback. Taking weeks to schedule interviews or to make decisions can cause an otherwise good candidate to fall off the map. They can be frustrated by a lack of communication. Good candidates don’t stop their job search to wait for your decision; they will likely take a job at a company that is more responsible. Focus on changing the time it takes to interview and hire and change the way you communicate with potential employees.
  • The interview is confusing and difficult. Bad interviewing techniques will also drive away the best candidates. An unrelated or nonsense question such as “if you were an animal, what kind of animal would you be?” can immediately sour a job seeker on your company. On the other hand, hiring on the spot based on a gut feeling can also have disastrous results. Don’t create impossible obstacles for jobs seekers. Establish a consistent interviewing procedure by asking the same questions to each candidate. This way you can compare their answers in a realistic way. Always have more than one interview so you can compare the results with another person on your team.
  • You don’t know what you can offer them. For so long companies viewed the interview process as a way for candidates to market themselves for the job. However, your office culture and available benefits should also be used to attract quality candidates to your door. Your company culture might be great but if you can’t sell it you may not be able to hire the right people. Use things like work/life balance, flexible hours, or office amenities to entice good candidates to apply.

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