Avoid Mixed Messages in Your Branding

When someone Googles your company and finds your pages on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media, you want your image to be consistent throughout. The best candidates are always on the lookout for companies they would want to represent, so making sure they see dependable information about you is very important. The key to avoiding mixed messages in your branding is to ensure that your company’s image is the same no matter where it is found. Here are several tips to making sure you keep your branding consistent.

1. Live your brand. Whatever you say your company is about, make sure it is exactly what your company is about. If you sell on social media that you are a fun and flexible culture that encourages creativity, you must allow your current employees to experience that culture. If you are more formal and professional, maintain that image in everything you do.

2. Continuously audit your media. Once you get your company out on all the social media sites, you need to make sure you maintain a positive message. Make sure you review your pages frequently so you can take any action if problems arise. Public social media means that everyone is a potential target whether the furor is justified or not. Reduce your stress by keeping up with the situations.

3. Create a style plan. Once you determine the visuals of your company branding, make sure everyone involved in promoting your company has all the tools available to them. Let them know the color and font to use whenever posting about the company. Make sure they have access to digital information and that they know the company tag line so everything can be posted with conformity.

4. Make connecting easy. If you have taken the internet by storm you will likely have multiple profiles on multiple sites. Use the tools available to connect these profiles as best you can. Have a link to your site embedded in every profile so users will get automatically routed to your main hub of information.

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