A New Twist on Job Description

A job description is an essential part of the search for a new employee. Without clear direction about what is expected in a position, it is likely that the more of the wrong candidates will apply. Rather than attracting hundreds of unqualified resumes, a good job description will invite only the best potential employees to apply. Here are several ideas to add a new twist to your job descriptions.

    • Don’t us a job description to micromanage. Make sure that your job descriptions are clear and concise, but not the final word on what the job will be or what it can turn into. Keep the requirements simple so the description isn’t an exhaustive list of all you expect. You want it to describe the minimum requirements and then judge the best talent available.
    • Articulate your most important needs. When composing the job description think of the three top things that you need from this role in your organization. Only state those things.
    • Make use of your current talent. Allow your current employee base to maintain the job descriptions for each role. Have them review and reassess from time to time and add what they do and what has changed.
    • Job descriptions are marketing tools. Make sure your description sells your company as much as it attracts the right candidates. A successful job description is irresistible.
    • Make your job description go viral. If your marketing job is done well, people will want to apply to your job or if they know someone with the skills you are looking for they will refer their friends. Make your job post go viral, using services such as Twitter, and the best candidates will find you.
    • Write a killer job title. If employers judge a candidate within the first few seconds of reading a resume you can assume that a job seeker will also only spend a moment or two looking at a job description. The title needs to catch their attention immediately. A job titled “Administrative Assistant Position in Dallas Area” will receive fewer clicks than a job titled “Seeking an administrative superstar to support successful CEO.”  Wait until you’ve written the entire job description and see what kind of creative title you can give it.
    • Make it personal. Don’t be afraid to write a description to reflect your personal voice. You want a potential candidate to know just the kind of company they are working with. If you’re casual, keep the posting light and fun. If your company is more conservative write it with a more professional tone. 

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