Who’s More Important – Your Team or Your Clients?

Who's More ImportantWe all know the adage that the customer is always right. Most of the time, companies will place a very high value on their clients. Without a good, loyal client base, most companies wouldn’t be in business. But what really is more important to your company, the client or your staff? By making your team your top priority, you will develop employees who will, in turn, treat your clients in the right way. Here are some other things to consider.

Employee Engagement

When your team knows that you value their contributions and that you appreciate the work they do, they will gain loyalty to your company. They will also be loyal to you as a manager. They will want to share positive information about working with your company, which can generate new customers. A happy employee will easily be able to handle a situation involving an unhappy client. Provide staff enrichment, a rewards program or other benefits to keep your employees engaged on the job.

Employee Success

You also want to help your team understand their place in the company for the long term. You want to help them understand their potential and work toward it. When a company doesn’t value the success of their staff, they won’t see dedication and interest in continuing to educate themselves or taking on other tasks as necessary. So by providing added training, you can encourage not only the success of your team, but also of your entire company, which will then reflect on your client experience.

Employee Investment

Your employees are your greatest asset. You are willing to invest in new technology and office equipment, so don’t skimp when it comes to investing in your employees. Starting at their salaries, stay competitive in the market but also offer incentives to encourage the best potential employees to work with your organization rather than your competition. Continue to reward your team with bonuses for performance or added perks that will continue to increase their engagement and benefit your company.

Client Benefits

In all of this, when you demonstrate to your team that they are important to you, the benefits that they will pass on to your customers will be extensive. They will provide overall better customer services, be able to defuse difficult situations, and be able to offer added value because they believe in you, your company, and your products or services. All of this will only enhance your client experience and complete this important business circle.

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