Career Management: You Need a Plan

Your career, just like other relationships throughout your life, benefits from your care and attention. You get out what you put in. In order to have a great career it is important that you create a plan that you can refer to at various points along the way. Here four things to know about developing… Read more »

Write the Best Cover Letter Ever!

Do you really need a cover letter? Recruiters are split on this issue. As a job seeker it is better to be prepared than to be caught off guard when a letter is requested. Some recruiters are looking for specific information that won’t be found in a resume. Others want to know that you can… Read more »

Spleling Cuonts: 3 Ways to prevent typos and grammar mistakes from costing you job offers.

From a young age, we were taught to dot our i’s and cross our t’s. Yet, as adults, checking our work for typos and basic grammar is far from the highest priority. While it might not be your highest priority, grammar and spelling are essential parts of your job search. Hiring managers may see several… Read more »