How to Improve Employee Retention Rates

The Great Resignation is setting employers throughout the country on edge. When it comes to staffing in Scottsdale or other areas around Arizona, what can employers do to ensure that their team members are satisfied and engaged? Along with essential adjustments in salary, benefits, and paid time off, how can companies hiring in Arizona improve employee retention? Here are a few ideas to implement when working with staffing agencies in Chandler, AZ, and beyond to hire right the first time and provide the right environment for employee retention.


Improve Onboarding for Tempe Staffing 33% of employees will quit a job within the first 90 days. Onboarding isn’t just about job training; it’s also about providing new employees a better understanding of the workplace culture and environment. Focusing on onboarding by working with temp agencies in Mesa can help you improve retention.

Research has shown that companies with better onboarding improve employee retention by 82%, which is not insignificant. And with the help of Arizona Temp Agencies, you could make a big difference in your processes.


Provide Regular Feedback

Waiting until a 90-day review is no longer sufficient for providing constructive feedback for employees. Talking to them regularly throughout their first days will impact their perception of their performance significantly. And open lines of communication shouldn’t end just because an employee has been on the job for six months, a year, or longer. Today’s big Arizona management trend is to have regular 1:1 meetings. These should be scheduled regularly and provide opportunities for coaching and mentoring. They are a safe place where employees can ask questions, express concerns, and feel genuinely heard. For staffing agencies in Scottsdale and their client companies, this can be a valuable tool for retention.


Create a Culture of Gratitude

Appreciation is also a significant factor in employee satisfaction. When employees don’t feel as though they are valued, they will begin to consider other career options. There should be programs in place for your Temp staffing process to ensure that all team members feel appreciated for their contribution.

Creating a culture of gratitude will help feelings of goodwill spread throughout your company. When you say thank you to your team, you’ll find that they are more grateful for their coworkers. Thankfulness is contagious and will significantly impact positive attitudes.


Focus on Health and Safety with Temp Agencies in Phoenix

One main factor that is more important for temp agencies in Phoenix today than ever before is an increased focus on health and safety. The COVID-19 crisis changed how many employees feel about safety on the job, so employers need to be aware of the pandemic’s impact. The Great Resignation is as much about health and safety as it is about pay rates and job duties. Many employees who have been classified as essential felt that others’ needs were placed above their own, negatively impacting their feelings about safety in the workplace.


Offer Career Development and Upskilling for Tempe Job Seekers

The future of work is all about upskilling and reskilling talent. It is far less expensive to replace entry-level positions than to hire previously experienced candidates for more advanced opportunities. Instead, focus on upskilling your team. This shows that you are invested in them as contributors to your company. And they are already familiar with your company culture and processes.

Career development is on the top of mind for staffing agencies in Phoenix. Employers can take advantage of the Great Resignation by tapping into the talent leaving some industries that have the potential to thrive in others. Are you looking for top talent in Arizona? Contact the team at CornerStone Staffing Agencies in Phoenix, AZ, to see how we can help today.

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