Employee Recognition Tactics That Boost Company Morale

Employee retention has always been a critical issue in staffing, but in light of The Great Resignation, more companies are thinking of ways to keep their top talent engaged. Making your employees feel seen is a great way to improve retention in Arizona and increase productivity in your workplace. Here are a few ideas that can help you provide the best recognition for your team whether they’re working remotely, through temp agencies in Phoenix, Arizona, or on-site in your business.


Celebrate Important Chandler Employment Milestones

Celebrating employee milestones has always been important, but it may be more critical than ever after such a difficult two years. However, it’s a good idea to check with your team to ensure that you’re celebrating in a way that makes them feel empowered, not just singled out. Work anniversaries are one opportunity to showcase how your employees are appreciated. Phoenix staffing agencies and other businesses throughout the area can also consider other milestones such as significant life changes or birthdays.


Send Thank You Notes to Mesa Employees

When you build a culture of gratitude in your workplace, you create an environment that expresses appreciation freely. It starts from the top down. Saying thank you is an essential first step for Arizona employers, but you can take it one step further by sending handwritten thank-you notes to your employees to share your gratitude. Gratitude is also contagious, so if you express it more, your team will be more grateful toward one another.


Host Regular Check-In Meetings with Tempe Staff

Temp agencies in Arizona often conduct weekly checks with their client companies. They ensure that their employees are doing well on the assignment and can take care of any concerns as they arise. Employers should also regularly host check-ins with their employees. Getting feedback is as important as giving it.


Give the Gift of Time to All Arizona Employees

Taking a vacation or other time away from the office can go a long way to recharging your Chandler Arizona staff. In 2015, 55% of Americans didn’t use their vacation time and, even when they do leave the office, 41% are still checking in at work. Not only do you need to encourage your team to take their allotted vacation time, but you can also offer additional incentives for extra time off. That could include more vacation, flexible work schedules, work-from-home opportunities, or a shorter workweek.


Provide Public Recognition

When your Tempe employees go above and beyond, you can’t just let that pass without recognition. People enjoy being given credit for their hard work, and being recognized by their peers is one of the best motivators. It’s a low-cost but high-impact way to improve employee morale, productivity, and efficiency in your Mesa workplace.


Focus on Chandler Employee Development

Increased employee development is going to be the most critical part of success in the future of business. As Generation Z enters the workforce, knowing that they base a large portion of their career satisfaction on continued education, training, and development is a game-changer. 76% of the incoming generation feel that career development is critical to their future.


Do you want to increase your employee retention with an Arizona staffing agency? Contact the team at CornerStone Staffing Agencies in Phoenix, AZ, to see how we can help today.


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