Smart Ways to Reduce Turnover in Your Call Center

Every industry right now is facing challenges in staffing. With call centers and customer service jobs, turnover has always been a part of the business but is overwhelming in today’s market. But to change the culture of your call center is to shift the narrative and work toward creating a workplace where people are excited to spend their days. Here are a few things you can do to bolster retention and avoid high turnover rates.

Create a Strong Workplace Culture

The first step to attracting top talent is to be a company where people want to work. This involves creating your employer brand and a workplace that is exciting for your employees. A strong workplace culture that lives and breathes the company values and appreciates employees is vital for attracting people who will succeed in your business.

Define Your Ideal Employee

It’s also helpful for you to create an “ideal employee” profile. This doesn’t need to get into specifics that might inform unconscious bias, but more about determining the overall skills, personality traits, and work style that will be best in your organization. Knowing this before you recruit can help you find the right team members.

Provide Solid Ongoing Training

Turnover often happens in the first 90 days, which is a clear sign that something in the onboarding and training process needs to change. You may need to focus your training more, ensure plenty of feedback from new employees, and check in regularly. Be sure to incorporate onboarding into your company culture to create a comfort level for new employees.

Recognize Employee Accomplishments

Not feeling appreciated is a crucial factor for employee dissatisfaction. Your team wants to know that their contribution is valued. This is true even if they don’t go above and beyond; they want to know that doing their work well is enough. Show gratitude to your employees, and you’ll see that thankfulness will quickly spread, creating a more positive work environment and increasing productivity.

Work with a Staffing Partner

If you’re facing challenges with staffing, know that you don’t have to do it alone. A staffing partner can help you source, interview, and hire qualified candidates throughout the area who will be prescreened and onboarded with your company. Recruiters can help you find short-term workers or top talent to hire into your team.

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