Five Tips on How to Be a Leader and Not Just a Boss

You may think of the words “boss” and “leader” as interchangeable. But there are differences, and they can be vast. If you want to be a better leader and not just the boss, some common characteristics stand out. What makes someone a real leader? Here are a few traits of strong leaders and how you can improve your leadership skills.

Notice Shades of Gray

The world is not black and white, but a boss might see it that way. They may only understand one way to solve a problem and limit the freedom of creativity or efficiency in favor of the way something has always been done. A leader, on the other hand, can see all the shades of gray. They welcome innovation to solve new and complex problems.

Teach, Don’t Tell

Bosses control, that’s why we use the word boss. Bossy is never said with a sense of admiration toward children, it’s just bullying. And a boss is someone who tells their employees how to do their jobs, and that’s often by shouting. A leader takes a gentler approach and teaches their employees. They share their knowledge and recognize that every member of the team has a different learning style.

Trust Over Fear

People don’t leave jobs, they leave bosses. It’s the number one reason cited when employees quit. Don’t be the kind of boss that someone wants to quit. Employees who fear their bosses will eventually break. It negatively affects their quality of work and causes resentment on the job. A leader will use trust over fear. They want their staff to believe in them and want to do the work they all care about.

Emphasize Collaboration, Even Yours

The boss in the corner office yelling at employees while not lifting a finger is a trope used in TV and movies for decades, and there’s a reason for that. But collaboration rather than domination is a much better way to encourage participation. And that means sometimes you may need to roll up your sleeves and pitch in when needed.

Coach Instead of Criticize

Intimidation is not a great motivator, and yet it’s how many bosses communicate. A leader is more likely to use positive reinforcement to get longer-lasting results out of their employees. If an employee is not meeting expectations, create a plan to coach them and encourage them to use their strengths to improve.

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