What to Expect During Your Interview for a Clerical Job

Are you in the market for a clerical position? If so, you’re probably sending out your resume and preparing for interviews. While you’re comfortable with the resume you have, do you know what to expect during a clerical interview? What kinds of questions will employers ask and what should you bring to the table to impress them? Here are a few things you should know to prepare.

Tell Me About A Time When

Behavioral interviews are very popular right now and for good reason. Companies don’t just want to know what skills you have they also want to know how you applied those skills to be successful in your last position.

When they ask, they want you to tell a story about a time when you accomplished something or solved a problem so they can see if you will fit in with their company.

What Hard Skills Do You Have?

Of course, there are some hard skills that are critical for a clerical job. For example, you may need to be able to enter data at a certain speed or have good filing skills. They will want to know that you’ve done this in the past.

Some companies will also provide skills testing, especially if you’re working with a staffing agency. Make sure you have the skills necessary to succeed.

How Do You Handle Difficult Days?

Everyone has bad days. It’s not the bad days that’s the problem, but it’s how you deal with them. They want to see someone who brings a positive attitude to the table. Who can look at the bright side of things and figure out how to make it better?

Let them know how you cope with a difficult situation or day and what you do to make sure it doesn’t get the best of you.

Describe How You Stay Organized

One thing we have learned over the years is that clerical positions involve a lot of organization. This can be physical organization, such as filing, or it can be time management and scheduling. In most cases, it’s all of these tasks.

They need to hear how you organize your day and your workspace. This will help them feel confident in giving you their trust.

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