8 Ideas to Bring Summer Into Your Workplace

Summertime is in full swing and the hot temperatures are causing everyone in the workplace to daydream about all the reasons they shouldn’t be at work. When everyone is thinking about summer vacation, you need to figure out ways to keep your staff engaged and happy. You can bring summer into your workplace with a few simple ideas. Here are 8 ways you can give your team a summer boost.

Get Outside

Do you want to bring summer inside? Then go outside. Even just a few minutes of daylight on your face can help you feel excited and recharged to get back to work. Or, maybe you can take your laptop outside to get some work done in the warm summer air.

Host an Ice Cream Social

Nothing says summer quite like cold and creamy ice cream. Empower your employees by hosting an ice cream social in your break room. Bring things to top sundaes or buy premade ice cream cups. This kind of fun break doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Encourage Theme Days

Even if they act like they don’t like it, your team secretly loves to participate in fun activities in the office. You can encourage participation in themed days. For example, have a tropical day and encourage sundresses and Hawaiian shirts. Or encourage them to wear the colors of their favorite sports teams. The options are limitless.

Offer Fruit

Fresh, ripe fruit is also a sign of summer and you can give your team of taste by offering fruit in the breakroom as an alternative sweet, salty, or otherwise unhealthy snacks. Strawberries are always a good choice and pineapple and citrus taste like sunshine.

Bring Your Pets to The Office Day

Did you know that pets help us live longer? Then having pets in the office occasionally can help people feel more relaxed and productive. Encourage your team to bring their well-behaved dogs, and even cats if they’re brave.

Have a Cookout

Summer is also all about cooking out. You can host a cookout for lunch or as an afternoon break with your team. Bring a grill and put it outside. Throw on some burgers or brats and have a selection of side dishes. You can also make this a potluck so everyone can participate.

Put Out Fresh Flowers

Plants and flowers can also bring some of the summer sunshine indoors. Fresh flowers, especially those in bright colors, can make everyone smile just a little wider when they’re working. Be sure to water them and replace them when needed.

Take an Afternoon Off

It sounds counterintuitive, but encouraging your team to start their weekend early by giving them Friday afternoon off can help them be more productive while they’re in the office. You can do this throughout the summer if your business can sustain it or just once or twice as an added bonus.

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