Is Your Call Center Ready for the Digital Transformation?

Trends come and go in our culture, but the ones that have staying power really do change the world. When you’re running a call center, it’s imperative that you’re prepared for trends that will impact the way you conduct business every day. Experts have been watching the digital revolution for a while to understand how it will affect industries like call centers. Are you ready for the digital transformation? Here are some things to consider.

50 percent digital by 2019.

It’s expected that in just one year, there will be a significant increase in the way people get their data. In 2016, customer interaction with products or services was at 42 percent, so that tipping point is coming very soon. Because of this, companies may need to rethink their customer service strategies to increase the potential for digital interaction.

47 percent phone interaction.

To drill down a little more, last year the percentage of customer contact by phone was 64 percent. By next year, this will be down to 47 percent. You can talk to pretty much any millennial and know that they’d rather avoid contact than have to pick up the phone. This trend is also common among some Generation X and anyone who feels socially awkward on the phone. Digital communications like text, email, or chat, open up communications for people who might have just let an issue go before.

Adding digital media.

This means that companies should start looking at ways to add digital communications channels for their customer service portals. Small companies can take advantage of the new technology by trying a variety of options before settling on something that works for everyone. This transition will take investment, but it’s better than losing business to competitors who embrace digital access.

30 percent of population is Gen Z by 2020.

If millennials and Gen X are phone phobic, companies aren’t ready for the influx of the next generation. Currently called Generation Z, these young people will make up 30 percent of the population by the year 2020 and will be expecting a more robust digital community for all of their social and business interactions.

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