Expectations from a Recruiter – What Should You Expect as a Job Candidate?

Have you considered working with a recruiter in your career? Can they help you find a job? Can they become a resource for you and become a valued part of your network? The answers to these questions and more is most certainly yes, but it’s important you live up to your recruiter’s expectations and manage your own. So, what should you expect when you’re partnering with a recruiter in Dallas to help you find your next opportunity.

Give them time to do their job.

Every job has a timeline. If you speak with a recruiter on Monday, don’t expect an answer by Tuesday. They’ll need to coordinate communications with a number of people between the hiring manager, other candidates, and you. Give them time to do their job. Once you become frustrated, you begin to show them they may not want to work with you.

What you put in is what you’ll get out.

You should also know that a professional relationship between a recruiter and a candidate is a two-way street. You need to let them know what you really want to accomplish and allow the recruiter to make connections within their network. Be honest and open when discussing your career goals.

Be communicative but not a nuisance.

You also want to be sure that your communications skills are effective and not frustrating. You should follow up after your initial discussion and after any interviews, but that doesn’t mean you should follow up every day. Be judicious in the ways you follow up, such as using email when possible.

Accept rejection but ask to be kept in mind.

When you work with a recruiter there is one important thing you should keep in mind. For this particular position, they may have sent three to five qualified candidates to the client. The ultimate decision is up to the hiring company. That means only one person can get the job. If you weren’t the lucky candidate, don’t be angry. The recruiter is not responsible and they can still help you in the future if you maintain a good working relationship with them.

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