Our Top Tips for Employers from 2017

Every year, we work hard to bring you the best content regarding employment services, management, and hiring. In 2017, we hit on a variety of topics that are relevant to employers in the Dallas and Fort Worth areas. Before we move forward into ideas to shape 2018, let’s take a closer look at some of our top posts from 2017. Here was our most helpful blog content from last year.

How to Be a Great Call Center Manager.

Managing a call center takes a lot of hard work and dedication, but it also takes a few other things. We wanted to share some of the insider information that would help managers be more successful. Advice includes a do and don’t list, how to work smarter, and partnering with a staffing agency to help you succeed.

How to Build a Pool of Reliable IT Contractors.

If your company works with independent contractors for IT projects, it’s also helpful to have a better understanding of how to work with them. Contractors have certain expectations that your employees may not consider. To ensure that you’re providing what the need so they can perform at a high level, we share insight on this working relationship.

How to vet your IT Job Candidates.

Also related to information technology, but having implications for all positions you might hire for, we took a closer look at the pre-screening process. We shared details on reference checking, social media reviews, and how to properly conduct a background check. We also shared how staffing services can help you handle all of these aspects prior to hiring.

How to Eliminate Unconscious Bias in IT Hiring.

Diversity and inclusion is a big deal for a lot of companies today. And, especially in the wake of the infamous letter sent out by an employee at one of the largest tech companies, many organizations had this at the top of their minds. We looked into how unconscious bias affects your IT hiring decisions and what you can do to be more mindful.

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