Nation’s Top Job Growth in 2017 Came in DFW

Did you know that many of the nation’s top jobs in 2017 were right here in the Dallas Fort Worth area? That’s right, DFW was number one for job growth throughout last year. So what does that mean for job seekers and companies alike? Let’s take a closer look at some of the trends that fueled the job growth in the greater Dallas area and how to keep the momentum going through 2018.

The new Silicon Valley.

While Silicon Valley will always be the birthplace of the modern tech movement, due to a variety of reasons many tech companies are moving to the Dallas Fort Worth area to set up shop. It may be an expansion or new tech startups, but due to the low cost of doing business, the available talent, and growth in the area, DFW is the perfect place for this tech boom.

Lower taxes on corporations.

Much of this comes from the lower tax burden on corporations in the state of Texas. While the actual tax codes can be complicated, knowing that there is no income tax in Texas and that corporations and that most businesses will have to pay what is known as a franchise tax makes it a desirable place for companies to open offices.

Preventing a commercial real estate bubble.

The commercial real estate market look favorably at the businesses coming into the Dallas area over the last few years. The mission is to prevent any future real estate bubbles, and by partnering with these high-growth companies there is little risk for issues of this nature.

Expansion of support jobs.

Of course, with high tech industries come high tech jobs, so it’s no wonder that programmers and information security professionals are sought after in the DFW area. However, there is also a great need for a variety of support positions for all of these companies. They will need administrative support, human resources experts, and accounting professionals to run the business day-to-day.

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