Google for Jobs – Should You be Searching for Your Next Dallas Job Here?

Google is the search engine that changed the world. There were search engines before Google, but it quickly beat them in terms of branding and it’s ubiquitous on the internet. But still, you may not think about using Google itself to search for your jobs here in the Dallas area. And yet, this powerful engine may have exactly what it takes to help you find a new position. And in late 2017, Google announced the use of AI-based technology to help job seekers find jobs. For example, just typing “find jobs near me” will turn up results you may not have been expecting. So what is the impact and how does it work? Let’s take a closer look.

Just one online destination.

When most job seekers use the internet to find jobs now, it’s a game of numbers. You may check out Craigslist, the main job boards like Indeed or Monster, social media for local companies, and more. But if you were to type into Google “accounting jobs near me” you can reduce your time spent searching to one action.

Change job-based communications.

This access through a simple google search can mean that companies will need to be more transparent in their communication about jobs. This will lead to fewer confidential searches and more openness about what everyone is looking for in the situation. If job seekers begin to find more jobs in their communities through a simple Google search, companies that don’t utilize this open access market won’t receive the quality applications they need.

Improve employer brand and reputation.

Google is also having a positive impact on company branding. Why? Because Google works through methods of determining which results are going to be the best for your search and in your market. That means a company with little real estate in the online space won’t be recommended as highly by the search engine. So local companies are going to work harder to be the kinds of organizations where candidates want to apply.

Impact people skills needed for job searches.

Of course, there will be some pitfalls to avoid when it comes to reaching out for these online jobs. Job seekers can’t fall back on casual communication just because the jobs are discovered through online means. Make sure when you reach out to a company through your search, you still maintain your professionalism. The expanded access to jobs online won’t automatically impact etiquette, but it will need to over time.

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