3 Ways to Improve Culture and Attract Candidates

Most candidates today are looking to work with organizations that provide more than a paycheck and benefits. As Generation Y becomes the majority of our workforce over the next several years they are leading the charge for corporate responsibility and better work/life balance. It is possible to make small, inexpensive changes to your company culture to attract the best candidates. Here are three ways you can start today.

  1. Offer flexible work hours. So many companies are learning that employees want more freedom and that they are responsible enough to handle it. There are many ways you can offer flexible work hours for your team. You can allow your team to choose their own start and end times so they might arrive before rush hour traffic begins and leave in time to pick kids up from school. You may offer options for employees to work from home. This can include 100% remote working schedules or just a few days to ensure office coverage. Some companies are moving toward a “results oriented” workplace model where the hours spent on a project are not important but the meeting of the deadline and the quality of work are gaged to show success.
  2. Be active in the community. Social responsibility is becoming a hot button issue for many professionals entering the workforce. Employees want to work for companies who care about their communities. Choose a local cause or organization to support through fundraisers or volunteer activities. Allow your employees to bring ideas to the table and work with them on projects. Offer charity donation matches. Each year for the holidays make a donation to a local organization instead of buying gifts for your clients.
  3. Provide collaboration. Recent studies have shown that collaborative work environments breed more innovation. Generation Y is entering the workforce already well versed in the world of collaborative projects. Use this energy to create a workplace that embraces shared ideas. You can start by creating an office environment which encourages the team to work together through movable and communal work spaces. There are dozens of collaborative tools available on today’s market including some open source options that can be used for free. Start by encouraging your team to use Google Docs or bring in a tool such as Salesforce.

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