Employee Motivation is Important. Period.

Every business owner wants their business to succeed. In order for that to happen production needs to be maintained at the highest possible level. Employees need to stay engaged in the work they do. There is no magic formula to make this happen nor is there such thing as the perfect employee who never has issues with job fatigue. The only way to keep employees happy on the job is to make sure they stay motivated in the first place. This responsibility rests firmly on the heads of the management team. So how do you keep your employees motivated on the job? Here are three questions you need to be asking your employees to find out the answer for yourself.

  1. Why are you here? Money is always the primary reason for taking a job but if it is the only answer they’ve already resigned themselves to be unhappy with the job. The real question is why did they take a job in your company rather than someone else’s? What do they want to gain from working at your office with your management team?
  2. What can I give you? As a business owner you have access to resources and benefits that you are able to provide to your employees. This might be as simple as recognition or it might be something more industry related. Talk to your employees about the kind of non-standard benefits that you might be able to provide. Do they want access to trade shows? Would they like to see a prominent author speak the next time they are in town? Would they like a little more flexibility in their schedules? These are things you can assess and determine if you can provide.
  3. Can you own this project? When an individual has ownership of a project they are more engage with the final result. If they feel like their input is only negligible they may not care about the ultimate result. Allow your team to take full projects from start to finish based on their interest and expertise.

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