Interview Red Flags to Look for in Candidates

The interview is designed for your company to determine which candidate will fit your business well. But what happens when you see red flags? It’s not uncommon to push those to the side because we want to believe the best in people, but sometimes things don’t align. Here are some red flags you should watch for in your interviews.  

Speaking Negatively About Previous Jobs 

Negative talk about previous jobs, coworkers, or managers might be the biggest red flag of them all. If a candidate is that candid to share why they disliked their previous job with that much detail, you have reason to be concerned that they will also fall into those habits while working for you. Determining whether the concerns are legitimate or sour grapes can be difficult.  

Lack of Eye Contact 

Eye contact is an integral part of communication. If your candidate isn’t making good use of eye contact, you could have reason to believe they aren’t being very forthcoming or honest about the information they’re sharing. However, it’s vital that you don’t rely entirely on this cue as it can also be a factor for neurodivergent individuals and not have to do with their ability to perform their job.  

Not Using Professional Language 

You want to hire someone who understands professional norms, including the way to speak to groups of different individuals. Unless you have informed them that the conversation is casual in the workplace, your candidate should not use unprofessional language when interviewing. This includes being overly familiar with and choosing inappropriate language for the interview.  

Not Dressing Professionally  

Clothing choices can also impact your decision; an interview is often a test to see how someone does when asked to come in for a professional discussion. It can be a red flag if someone chooses an overly casual outfit that doesn’t represent themselves in a professional environment. You can ask them to come in more casually if appropriate and evaluate their ability to follow directions based on their choice of clothing.  

Inconsisent Information  

When interviewing, you’ll want to review the resume and their LinkedIn profile. If you ask questions about their background and the answers are inconsistent from what they already told you, or you have seen online, that could be problematic. They may be hiding something or inflating what they consider the right qualifications for the job.  

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