Do Your Top Candidate Share Your Core Values?

Core values have been a big talking point for a while. What does it mean when your company has core values and wants to hire candidates who share them? If you have a short list of top candidates, how do you evaluate them beyond their skills, education, and experience? Here are sample interview questions to determine if the candidate is the right fit for your corporate culture.

Tell Me Something You Have Learned in the Last Few Months

You want to know if this candidate is a lifelong learner and if their priorities align with your company culture. This will help you determine if someone is willing to take on new things and learn new ideas.

What Experience in Your Life has Shaped You The Most?

While based on products or services, your core values and mission were born from a desire to solve a problem. You want your new employee to share your company’s passion when developing the core corporate identity.

I Want to Know What Achievement You’re Most Proud Of

People don’t like to talk about their successes. It feels like bragging and can make many people uncomfortable. But you want to know that someone is confident to share what they’ve done that makes them most proud.

Tell Me About How You Work With a Team to Complete a Project

Every organization relies on teamwork to accomplish its goals. You want your new employee to fit in well with your existing team, so you need to see if they share the same general values that make your current team tick. They should also bring something new to the table that you don’t currently have to offer a fresh perspective.

Describe Your Idea Manager

Your new employee will be working closely with you and your team, so you want to know that your management style and their expectations match up. They may describe traits you have or even give you new ideas for moving forward as an effective manager.

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