How Do You Uncover a Candidate’s Work Ethic?

Work ethic has always been a key factor in determining how someone will perform when on the job. But how do we measure something as ethereal as work ethic? First, we must define what work ethic is and what it means in our environment. Then we can narrow down ways to determine work ethic based on interview questions. Here are a few things to consider.

What is Work Ethic

Worth ethic is defined as a belief that work is a moral good. It’s the value that the importance of doing good work and the determination to work hard is the goal everyone should strive for because it is simply the best way to do things. While many people will say they have a good work ethic, it’s hard to judge until you see how someone works, which is why the interview process is imperative.

Questions About Worth Ethic

Before you plan your next hire, consider some ways you can determine someone’s work ethic based on an interview.

What Does Work Ethic Mean to You?

By asking your candidate to define work ethic, you will see if their definition and yours align. It’s okay if they don’t recite the actual dictionary definition, but you will want to make sure that what they believe is compatible with your corporate values.

Can You Tell Me About a Time You Went Above and Beyond for Your Job?

Companies place a high value on employees willing to put in the extra work to ensure that a job is well done. Often this is referred to as “going above and beyond.” You want to know how they perceive this and what they’ve done in the past.

How Do You Stay Motivated on the Job?

A lot of work ethic is about motivation. It’s the idea that doing good work is the reward, not that there have to be additional benefits. However, everyone has a different motivation for why they want to do a great job. Again, you want to see if the things that motivate them are a part of your organizational structure.

Are you Willing to Work Overtime?

For some companies, overtime is an essential part of the job. If overtime is expected in your organization, you’ll need to find out if that’s something that will impact how they work and their perception of that work. You want to see if someone has done overtime in the past and how they respond to requests.

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