Upskill Your HR Team to Become Better Equipped to Handle AI in the Industry

Artificial Intelligence has walked right off the pages of science fiction into our everyday lives. Today, AI impacts many aspects of our professional world, including Human Resources. With more companies using AI as a part of their HR processes, it’s vital that your staff is equipped to adapt to that change. Here’s a closer look at AI in HR, the uses, technical recruiting and placement services, and how to encourage forward-thinking from your staff.


Saving Time and Resources

Artificial intelligence for professional talent acquisition solutions is a perfect fit. AI can be used for candidate communication, resume review, prescreening information, and more so your recruiters can focus on the revenue-generating tasks and not all the minutia that bogs them down. While it might seem that an investment in AI will be expensive at the beginning, it will quickly save both time and money as processes are standardized and repeatable.


Improving Candidate Confidence

There has been a lot of talk in the last few years of the ghosting phenomenon among applicants. But as frustrating as it is for applicants to drop out of consideration without a word, it’s equally as frustrating when candidates don’t hear from employers. By implementing AI for applicant ChatBots and automated emails informing them of the process, you’re keeping candidates in the loop and interested in the next steps through a job search recruitment agency or in-house.


Streamline Employee Referrals

Automation using AI is excellent for all levels of the applicant funnel, but it can also be beneficial for your internal referral program. Your system can send automated emails to your internal team when a new position becomes available, giving opportunities for referrals before posting the job. Track the communication as your employee sends the link to their referral who follows the instructions for applying. Information technology staffing and recruiting services can allow you to bring in talent to help get your team up to speed on AI for HR.


Reduce Unconscious Bias in Hiring

We know there is a significant problem with diversity, equity, and inclusion in many workplaces. And eliminating unconscious bias is one of the critical factors to creating a more equitable workplace. Your AI-assisted applicant tracking system and job search recruitment agency will be able to pull the most qualified candidates regardless of background for your internal team to consider for the opening.


Boost Onboarding and Development

AI can also help your company improve the onboarding process, directly impacting retention rates, and providing further career development. The system can automate the repeatable processes, like paperwork, giving your new employees more time to become acquainted with the company culture. Machine learning can also help when allowing employees to advance their careers. Working with technical recruiting and placement services will help you and your team learn more about AI.

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