Creating a Safe and Healthy Workplace Environment

Safety became a hot button issue in the workplace over the last year. While the pandemic created extreme circumstances, health and safety should always be a consideration for employers. By taking steps to create a healthy and safe workplace, you can reduce absences, improve productivity, and see more engagement from your employees. Here are a few things to consider.

Customize for Your Environment

It’s essential to keep in mind that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to safety in the workplace. An office environment will have very different needs than a warehouse environment. Customer-facing roles may need to keep current COVID-19 protocols in place to increase safety while other offices can feel more open. Whatever kind of business you have, adjust your safety for your environment.

Keep Communications Open

Your employees want to be made aware of health safety concerns at all times. It’s important to hold lines of communication open between employees and managers. Allow for employee feedback if they have questions or are concerned about health in the workplace. Make sure management is regularly communicating with the team when changes are made.

Include Mental Health

When we talk about health and safety, we are generally discussing the physical aspects. You want to protect warehouse workers from injury or office workers from illness, but those aren’t the only considerations. Employees also want to know that you value their mental health as well. Provide resources for mental wellbeing and a solid program for family leave.

Reinforce With Regular Training

To make it a priority, you always need to reinforce your safety measures through training. This needs to begin with new employee orientation, but it should continue with regular reinforcement throughout an employee’s tenure with your organization.

Make Health and Safety a Focus of Your Culture

With all of this in mind, it’s critical to make health and safety a focus of your company culture. Your employees want to know that you value them as complete humans and want to ensure they stay safe and healthy on the job and at home. When you incorporate these values into your company mindset, you create a more robust system for your employees to thrive.

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