Better Employee Feedback Starts with Better Questions

Your employees have critical insight into your company and its work. Asking for feedback is essential, but getting the most effective responses takes some finesse. You can ask these questions on employee surveys or in one-on-one meetings. Here are some questions you can ask to engage your team and invite more constructive feedback.

Do You Feel Communication from Your Manager is Clear?

One of the biggest complaints from dissatisfied employees is a lack of clear communication from management. But rarely do employees feel comfortable voicing their concerns for fear of negatively reflecting on their performance. By asking a pointed question about clear communication, you’re showing that you trust your employees to provide feedback.

Do You Believe Your Manager is a Good Role Model?

Managers should always lead by example. But if a manager isn’t a good role model, they may also have shortcomings in their leadership. You can learn a lot by asking if your employees feel comfortable following their manager’s examples. You may discover concerning behaviors that you can adjust by managing the manager.

Has Your Manager Effectively Improved Issues?

You also want to know if your manager’s leadership abilities are effective. Do they provide the proper levels of motivation? Are they able to facilitate improvements in productivity, culture, and tools needed to accomplish the work? Here you want to know that your manager can address issues correctly.

Do You Feel Workload and Deadlines are Realistic?

You also want to know if your employees have a good work/life balance. If your team feels overwhelmed or buried under unrealistic deadlines, a more significant change may be in store. If your leaders aren’t encouraging your team to perform at high levels, you will likely experience quiet quitting.

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