6 Ways to Improve Your Customer Service Recruitment Strategy

We’ve all been there. You contact a company to resolve a problem, find out more information, and talk with a customer service representative. What happens when that conversation isn’t great? How do you respond to unhelpful, rude, or frustrating call center employees?

When you are in the call center, you must ensure that everyone on your staff is top quality. They are the voice of your company and the first point of contact for many customers. It’s crucial that skillful professionals are placed in these roles, and they can represent your company and protect your reputation.

But you don’t have to do it alone. Working with customer service and call center staffing agencies can give you access to the best people in the area for your roles.

Before you start your hiring process, check out our six strategies created by recruiters in DFW and Phoenix to help you find high-quality call center agents.

A Call Center Staffing Agency in Dallas-Fort Worth & Phoenix Share 6 Innovative Recruitment Strategies to find Quality Call Center Agents


The recruiting landscape has changed dramatically in the last two decades. With constant connection through the internet, there are several ways to adapt to the hiring process to find only top talent. Here are our six innovative recruitment strategies to make hiring more effective for your call center.

1. Use non-traditional recruitment methods

Companies must think outside the box when connecting to customer service talent. These candidates aren’t necessarily just searching on job boards for their next opportunity. They can find jobs in various ways, so you need to be where they are. Some non-traditional hiring methods from recruiters in DFW and Phoenix include:

  • Podcasts: it’s never been easier to start a business podcast. Many tools for recording are accessible online and can be shared on various platforms. Creating a podcast about your business and the customer service role gives new listeners something to think about when looking for their next job opportunity.
  • Videos: content has always been king, but the best form of content in today’s market is videos. About a third of all online activity comes from video streaming, such as through YouTube, TikTok, or Instagram. Don’t miss out on this valuable tool. Create short-form videos to share on social media and longer videos on YouTube.
  • Host a contest: recruiters can take it up a notch by hosting an online contest to communicate the company culture and create buzz about your organization and employer branding.
  • Consider Temporary Placement Services: Direct hiring isn’t the only method for finding customer service talent. By working with a temporary placement service, you have access to more candidates and the support of your recruitment partners throughout the experience. You can onboard call center employees through temp-to-hire staffing to determine if they’re the right fit before hiring.

2.  Have current and prospective employees interact with one another

Another out-of-the-box approach can mean pairing your current team member with prospects to give them a chance to see the culture firsthand. When you invite candidates to come in and shadow someone on the call center floor or have a video conference with them about their day-to-day duties, you’re offering added value before they even accept the job. They’ll see how you care about incorporating new employees into your existing team, and that will give a great first impression. Consider this process a test before you make the offer for employment.

3. Recruiters advise attending fun events, not just traditional job fairs

Job fairs have long been a staple of hiring, especially for high-volume positions in a call center. But the old-fashioned job fair may not be the best way to showcase your company’s culture. Today, recruiters are thinking of innovative new ways that turn traditional recruiting on its head. Consider something more exciting for potential candidates if your methods aren’t working.

One way to connect to the community and draw in potential candidates is to attend community events such as art fairs and festivals instead of job fairs. Participating in these events may uncover fun and creative candidates ready to work.

4. Host an open-house event

Maybe the way to attract top talent is to invite them into your workplace. An excellent opportunity for call center environments is to host an open house. Bring the idea of a job fair directly to your place of business. It allows prospects to experience the work environment for a few hours.

Include fun activities and refreshments to encourage people to visit and see what working at your company is all about. Have various team members do presentations or talk with small groups to answer the frequently asked questions.

5. Focus on the orientation

Hiring doesn’t stop when the offer is given. Every step of the process is critical for success, including onboarding. To set your employee up for success, focus on creating an orientation program that provides them with the proper foundation. Review your orientation to ensure that you have the following components:

  • Pre-arrival orientation paperwork, including tax forms and handbook
  • Arrange for new employee workspaces
  • Provide team introductions on the first day
  • Discuss the company’s vision, mission, and values
  • Provide ample training in technology, tools, and expectations
  • Provide regular feedback and encourage open communication
  • Encourage peer mentoring

A good onboarding program increases retention and productivity; employees feel more supported in their new roles.

6. Learn from exit interviews

There is as much to learn about hiring from the people leaving your company as from incoming employees. Exit interviews are the best tool for understanding why someone may choose to leave your organization and how to make improvements that can lead to increased employee stability.

When someone resigns, schedule a meeting with a neutral third party, such as your HR representative or someone other than the employee’s direct supervisor. This encourages honest feedback. Ask questions to determine if there were issues in your recruitment or onboarding process. Use the information you gather to make improvements to hiring and onboarding.

Partner with a Customer Service and Call Center Staffing Agency Near You to Recruit top Customer Service Agents

Another way to improve your customer service hiring strategy is to work with temp-to-hire staffing to bring employees on board and see how they work before making a job offer. This can improve retention and give you an additional resource for discovering talent. Customer service and call center staffing agencies near you, like CornerStone Staffing, specialize in these placements and can help boost your hiring and employee success rates.

CornerStone Staffing’s customer service staffing agency has recruiters in DFW and Phoenix to help you with your call center needs. Work with their temporary placement services to hire high-quality customer service employees. Call us today.

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