Flexible Staffing Myths Debunked

Flexible staffing is often misunderstood. Flexible staffing is another term used for short-term help to fill in for gaps in talent. It’s often used during busy seasons or when someone is out of the office for some time. There are a lot of misconceptions around flexible staffing. Here are some common myths and the reality around flexible work arrangements.

Temporary Workers Don’t Care

Many employers are worried that short-term workers won’t feel any ownership over the work to do a good enough job. But there is no evidence that temporary workers don’t care about the job they’re doing. Like any other employee, they know if they’re working hard, it’s a reflecting on themselves. In the case of a temporary employee, it’s also a reflection on their recruiter.

Contractors Aren’t Concerned About their Career

Many people think temporary associates aren’t looking toward the future. By accepting temporary work, they are only concerned about a paycheck and not their long-term career. But there are countless reasons someone wants to do short-term assignments, including flexibility in their schedule or as a way to gain and use new skills that will carry over into the future.

Flexible Staffing is Just a Fad

Many people believe that flexible staffing, sometimes called Gig Work, is just a fad. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. The staffing industry in the United States began after World War II. It was one way that women could continue in the workforce post-war, especially as office workers. But the industry has evolved a lot since then, and people of all backgrounds and skills work temporary jobs.

Temporary Work is Only for Millennials

Similarly, many people associate temp work with millennials. Employers don’t believe that temporary millennial workers are serious contenders since they are a generation associated with gig work and side hustles. But temporary workers span generations and have for almost a century. And the upcoming generation is also taking advantage of short-term work to help them get the skills they need as they enter the workforce.

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