Managing Your Talent Pipeline in 2022

With all of the upheaval in employment throughout 2020 and 2021, it’s no wonder companies are hoping they can take a deep breath as we turn the calendar for 2022. Managing your talent pipeline will be an essential function next year, so starting now is critical. Here are some of the most common human resources challenges and what you can do to make next year go a little smoother.

Proper Skills Training

There is no doubt that the workplace is evolving, including new skills and technologies we hadn’t even considered in years past. Companies who upskill and reskill their employees have an advantage in the marketplace. They’re not vying for low populations of specifically skilled individuals and are improving employee morale by investing in their team’s future.

Employee Retention

Similarly, employee retention is a big issue today. With The Great Resignation led by professionals burned out by their careers, companies need to put in extra effort toward making their jobs desirable. Positive corporate culture, flexible work schedules, and an investment in the growth and development of employees can go a long way to improving retention.


Training, flexible schedules, and corporate culture are just small pieces of the overall strategy to improve employee motivation. Without an engaged workforce, none of these incentives will keep top talent from looking elsewhere. Every employee should have an individualized approach to what keeps them excited and motivated on the job.

Attracting Top Talent

Of course, as much as retention is essential for the modern workplace, there will always be a need for hiring. Attracting top talent is about creating a positive employer brand that will engage people with the skills and aptitude you need for future success in your industry. Making a company where people want to work is critical.

Fostering a Positive Company Culture

There’s been a lot of talk about company culture, including a culture of positivity and gratitude. Employees are no longer satisfied to work for organizations that take advantage of their time and talents without providing a positive overall experience. It’s not just about what employees can offer your business, but what you can offer them in return.

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