Diversity Recruiting Strategies for the Engineering Field

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are hot topics for incoming employees right now. 42% of job seekers indicate they would turn down a job if the company didn’t communicate their diversity plan effectively. Building a more diverse work environment when staffing in Phoenix, Arizona, can help promote inclusivity and creativity. Here are a few ways to increase diversity in engineering in Arizona today.

Assess Your Chandler Workplace Culture

Before you can make a plan to improve your DEI hiring process, you need to know where you are now. What is your current workplace culture? What shared values do you strive for when hiring new employees? How accessible do you make the process for incoming applicants? These play into the workplace culture and will inform your diversity and inclusion experience.

Use Diverse Recruiting Resources for Staffing in Scottsdale

One of the most critical changes employers can make regarding diversity hiring is to broaden the search. You’ll only find the same people if you continuously search using the same resources. Instead, reach out to more communities, schools, and other avenues for finding candidates that can tap into a more diverse talent pool.

Provide Internships in Tempe

Partnering with colleges to provide internship opportunities is an excellent way to find the next generation of your employees. Internships allow companies to explore incoming talent before they enter the job market, giving you a jump on the hiring process if something is a good fit for you long term.

Promote Diversity in Leadership Roles in Mesa

Sometimes it takes a complete culture shift to move forward into a more diverse and equitable workplace. Incoming employees want to see diversity in leadership roles. If your management team is homogenous, you may not project an image that says you have a progressive, open, and diverse workforce.

Reduce Unconscious Bias for Recruitment in Phoenix

It’s also imperative that your hiring managers learn how to control, reduce, and eliminate unconscious bias in their interviewing practices. The reason this is so insidious is that it’s entirely unconscious. Hiring managers like to hire people who remind them of themselves with shared connections or other commonalities, leading to a less diverse workforce. Instead, encourage blind resume reviews and objective standards for assessing new candidates.

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