After A Tough Hiring Year in the Phoenix Market – What Are the Best Ways To Retain and Keep Your Employees Happy?

It’s been a challenging year for hiring managers in Phoenix.  Across Arizona, people have been hesitant to get back into the job market or to return to their industries. Finding qualified candidates in Phoenix in nearly every sector has become difficult, which means employers should renew their focus on retaining their best employees.

Losing an entry-level employee in the Phoenix market can cost a company $30,000. Losing a manager or someone with specialized skills can cost more than the entire year’s salary for that role. But retention isn’t just about saving on recruiting costs in a tight market. Continuity among staff keeps both customer and employee satisfaction high, which leads to a more productive workforce and a healthier bottom line. Use these strategies to retain top talent and maintain your competitive edge in the Phoenix market.

Communicate Expectations Clearly

Employees cannot deliver on your expectations if they don’t know what those expectations are. Make sure you communicate expectations clearly to your employees and if those expectations change, communicate those clearly, as well.

Pay Attention To How Your Managers Are Managing

The number one reason people leave their jobs has always been issues with their managers. It’s important to keep track of where turnover is happening because if some managers are experiencing higher turnover than others, it could be a problem with that supervisor. Coach struggling managers to help them become better. In some cases, you may have to cut ties with a poor manager to decrease turnover.

Be Consistent, Be Fair

Employee dissatisfaction spreads quickly on teams where there seem to be different rules and expectations for different people.  Enforce rules equally across the board, communicate all expectations clearly, hand out assignments fairly and avoid anything that looks like playing favorites.

Pay Well

If a good employee finds out that someone new is earning the same salary – or worse, earning more – they will feel cheated. They will also feel cheated if they discover you are paying well below Phoenix market rates for their job titles. Review local, Phoenix-area salaries regularly to make sure you are offering fair pay and ensure that talented veterans are given performance-based raises commensurate with their contributions.

Offer Development Opportunities

Talented people want to learn and grow in their careers. If they feel they can’t grow with your company, they will move on. Provide training and development opportunities, allow employees to take on new challenges, and help employees with leadership potential see a clear path for growth in the organization.

Work With An Expert Phoenix Staffing Company

Retention really begins with the hiring process. Ensuring you are accessing candidates who are well-aligned with the role and the company makes a huge difference. If a new employee doesn’t fit in with the team or they are not happy, they won’t stay with your company for very long.

An expert staffing company in Phoenix can help you overcome your hiring challenges while improving employee retention over time. If you are ready to improve hiring and retention, partner with CornerStone, a leading staffing and recruiting company in Phoenix. Contact CornerStone Phoenix today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your hiring goals.


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