5 Ways to Stay Focused on The Job

How do you find your attention span at work? Do you constantly switch from project to project, so things fall through the cracks? Do you get distracted by interruptions? If you are having trouble staying focused on the job, there are some things you can do to improve your ability to concentrate. Here are five things you can do starting today.

Reduce Distractions

Distractions in the office can be a real drag. All you want to do is work on your current project when suddenly everyone stops by your cube with small talk or random questions. How do you go about reducing these interruptions? If you don’t have an office with a door, consider putting up a sign or a red, yellow, or green signal that lets people know you need to be undisturbed.

Do Focus Exercises

Your brain is a muscle, just like any other part of your body. That means you have to exercise. The best way to train your brain is with focus exercises. There are various apps, including fun games, that can help you just a few minutes a day. You can’t expect that your brain will focus for an hour if you’ve never done it past 5 minutes. Go slowly, and you’ll get there.

Determine Your Most Productive Hours

One of the most important things you can do is avoiding fighting your nature. If you’re a morning person, make sure you put yourself in a position to do the bulk of your work in those hours. However, we know if you’re a night owl, you may not have that luxury in the office, so try to determine a viable window during your business hours that are most productive for you and do your most complicated tasks then.

Write it Down

Did you know you’re 42% more likely to reach a goal if you’ve written it down? Remember, you don’t have to shoot for the stars, but simply writing down all your tasks for the day gives you a level of accountability. Plus, once you complete a job, you can cross it off your list, which is a satisfying feeling.

Take Breaks

Keep in mind that focus is hard work for your brain, and it needs to rest as well. Breaks are an essential part of your workday because they help you return to your work refreshed and ready to think about the problems in a new way. And don’t forget to take vacation time too. Time away from the office helps you stay more focused when you return.

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