How to Be More Effective with Your Candidate Engagement

Your reputation as an employer starts long before you hire someone into your company. The entire application and interview process will inform the opinions of potential candidates, who will share those thoughts with others. The way candidates are treated during the interview process will also determine how they view your company in the future, whether they get the job or not. Here are the most up-to-date tips to help you improve candidate engagement so you can attract top talent.

Build Excitement

Employment applications don’t have the reputation of being overly exciting. And in the past, job seekers often felt more like livestock than candidates. It’s up to you as an employer to create excitement around your opportunities and throughout the application process. Even if someone is not selected for the job, they should have a positive experience. Be accessible, engage candidates, and show your company personality.


Probably the biggest complaint from job seekers has always been a lack of communication. Some feel that they send their resume into a black hole and never hear from someone again. Communication will make all the difference throughout the process. Some companies do this by utilizing a chatbot to help field questions. You can also set resume response emails that explain the next steps once you receive an application.

Stick to a Timeline

The hiring process should also include a timeline. Sometimes, companies get caught up in this idea that they’ll “know it when they see it” that they can string the application process along for a while, leaving great candidates to feel like they’re being strung along. It’s essential for the process, and your business, to create a hiring timeline and stick to it.

Provide Feedback

The candidate experience in the past has also lacked any follow-up, candidates who get close but don’t get the job often never know what happened. Providing feedback, especially for your top candidates, will help them understand and keep them engaged in the future. These job seekers now make up your pipeline and can be a good fit for another position.

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