How to Have a Great Relationship with Your Staffing Service

A staffing partner can be your greatest resource when hiring. But working with your staffing service is a give and take. How do you build a great relationship with your recruiters to ensure that you’re always able to rely on them for the best possible service and candidates? When working with your staffing agency, you need to provide good descriptions, honest feedback and offer a competitive experience for potential employees. Here are just a few ways you can get started.

Provide Good Job Descriptions

The job description will directly impact the quality of candidates you receive. If you’re not certain about every aspect, talk to your recruiter about the job, and they can give you insight that will help flesh it out, so you’re attracting the best talent. A job description should include not only the requirements of the job but also a little about the team culture and measures of success. This will inform exactly how the agency sources candidates for your open positions.

Give Lots of Honest Feedback

Your recruiter is your staffing partner, but they can’t do their job fully if they don’t receive enough honest feedback. Let your recruiter know when something not up to your expectations so they can course correct. Also, be sure to give plenty of positive feedback when something is going right. The most important thing is to let your service provider know how they’re doing so they can pass it along to the employee or make essential chances for improvement.

Offer Competitive Wages

To hire top talent, you must be competitive with your salary ranges. Even when working with a staffing agency, you’ll need to provide the right pay range to ensure that your staffing partner can find and hire the best possible employees for your open positions. Your recruiter can work with you to conduct salary research and create a plan that will work for short-term, long-term, or permanent hires.

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