Can You Make a Career Out of Temporary Employment?

Did you know that working with a temporary staffing agency can become your long-term career? Temporary work can be a great opportunity for anyone looking for a flexible schedule. For college students who need work between semesters or classes or for working mothers who want the flexibility of temporary assignments. Just because a job is short-term doesn’t mean you can’t excel. Here are some ways to make temporary work into your short-term career.

The Gig Economy

You’ve probably heard the term “gig economy.” The concept has been around for a while, and it generally refers to people who work in freelance or contract jobs. The most common application today is with ride-shares or shopping apps. The primary advantage of working in the gig economy is the ability to work on your schedule. But this also sometimes means work isn’t available when you need it.

Your Employment Partner

For many people, working with a temporary staffing agency is the perfect solution. You will still have the ability to choose the right assignments as well as the benefit of working with an established company. Your recruiter can also assist you with your resume and interviews to ensure that you experience success.

Flexible Schedule

The most important aspect of working on temporary assignments in your career is to have flexibility. You can determine the schedule or time frame that works for you. Establish yourself with your recruiter to find projects that fit within your timeframe. You can control how and when you work, which can give you more flexibility for other aspects of your life.

Work Enough, Make Enough

Of course, to have a short-term career made up of temporary assignments, you need to consider how you will be able to earn enough to support your lifestyle. You can sustain your cost of living comfortably by working with a recruiter to find positions that fit your skillset and schedule. A staffing agency offers regular pay, and you don’t have to deal with self-employment tax as you would if you work as an independent contractor.

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