Sunday Night Rituals For A Productive Work Week

It was the Carpenters who said that “rainy days and Mondays always get me down.” But you don’t have to spend your Sunday night dreading your next workday. Sunday evening is the perfect time to allow yourself to get back into the groove and get prepared to meet Monday with a positive attitude. Here are several Sunday night rituals you can start doing now to be more productive each week.

Make a Task List

To be prepared to tackle Monday, make a list of the things you need to do on Sunday. This can include preparing for your job as well as the activities you may have planned after work. Studies show that simply writing down your goals and tasks will help you accomplish them. Plus, you can have the satisfaction of crossing them off once they’re completed.

Set Priorities

The next step is to determine how to accomplish your tasks. In spite of what our culture tells us, the human brain is not designed to multi-task. That means to do anything well; you need to focus on a single task at a time. Rather than multi-tasking, you need to perfect prioritizing. Rank your tasks on a level of importance.

Meal Prep

There are more things than just your work that occupy your thoughts. Use your Sunday to prepare your meals for the week. If you don’t like cooking, you can do batch cooking for dinners on Sunday and freeze portions. If you do like cooking, prepare your shopping list and meals for the week. You may also want to work on your lunches for the week, so you’re not tempted to go out for unhealthy fast food.

Host a Family Meeting

If you have a partner or children, you may also want to host a family meeting to determine the schedules for the week. Do your kids have projects you didn’t know about? By finding out on Sunday rather than the night before they’re due, you can help them finish what they need. You’ll also be able to confirm schedules and ensure everyone can make it to their activities on time.


Meditation on Sunday night can also get you in the right mindset for Monday. Take some time in the evening or right before bed to spend just a few uninterrupted minutes with your own thoughts. There are multiple types of meditation you can try. You can sit quietly and focus on your breathing. You can practice mindfulness, where you try to pay attention to your activity with all of your senses. Or you can use an app to listen to a guided meditation to relax.

Sleep Well

You should also get a good night’s sleep on Sunday night to be ready to face the day on Monday morning. Your schedule can sometimes be interrupted over the weekend, so take this time to get back on track with a healthy sleep schedule. Go to bed on time, turn off digital media, and have a healthy sleep routine.

Are you ready to have a more productive work week?

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