After The Interview- Why You Should Thank The Recruiter

Here we are in November, a month that’s synonymous with gratitude. With Thanksgiving happening on the fourth Thursday of the month every year, we often spend much of our time thinking about how thankfulness impacts us. But gratitude is something to practice every day, all year long. And one way to do that is to remember to thank your recruiter after the interview. Here is how a thank you note can go a long way.

Your Recruiter Worked Hard Too

It’s important to recognize the amount of work a recruiter puts in on your behalf. They are trained professionals and take time to reach out to their networks to promote you as a candidate. To show gratitude for the work they’ve done is the very least of what a little thankfulness can accomplish. Just like you do, everyone likes to be appreciated for what they’ve contributed.

You Build a Relationship

Showing gratitude will start to lay the foundation for the building blocks of a great professional relationship. Your job search may not be over forever even if your recruiter finds you a great position. You may find yourself looking for something else in the future. Or you may find something on your own and will need a recruiter again someday. If you’ve made a good impression on your recruiter, they’ll remember you and consider you for further opportunities.

You’ll Get Called Again

To that end, if your recruiter feels confident about you as a candidate, they are likely to call you again even if they’re unable to place you immediately. Sometimes hiring is a long game. It can take time to find the right position. But if you don’t maintain a good relationship with your recruiter, you may miss out on potential opportunities. Thanking them is just a first step.

Gratitude is Contagious

Most importantly, you’ll learn that gratitude is contagious. Once you thank someone for something they’ve done, they’ll go on to thank someone else. Spreading positivity will allow others to feel more comfortable around you, consider you a great potential contact, and favor you over someone else in any situation. And when you just say “thank you” it makes you feel good, too.

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