How to Keep Employee Morale High

We are in the final push for the summer. With the Labor Day holiday right around the corner and the kids back at school, now’s the time to motivate your employees to be more productive as we head into the fall and winter. If more money isn’t on the table, how can you keep your employees’ morale high as summer comes to a close? Here are a few ideas you can start with.

Make Them Believe

Your employees really do want to work for a company they believe in. If they feel the work they’re doing is contributing to a greater good, they will be far more engaged than if they just feel like cogs in the machine.

To give them something to believe in, make sure your company’s mission extends beyond just your final product or service. What does your company do to make a difference?

Provide Recognition

Your employees also want to feel that their individual accomplishments matter. To do that, make sure you show them how their contributions make your company better. Recognize them for their performance as well as major milestones.

It doesn’t have to be anything more than a thank you. But if you can provide an additional incentive, like a gift card, go ahead and give them that extra boost.

Offer Fringe Benefits

Also, don’t forget your ability to provide fringe benefits. These benefits go beyond the salary and your company’s standard insurance package. They’re additional incentives that will encourage someone to work with your company and stay with your company.

For example, a fringe benefit could be tuition reimbursement or additional vacation days. Or they can be things that don’t break your company budget like a casual dress code or the ability to work remotely.

Have Fun

Your employees also want to have fun in the place where the work. People spend more time at work with their coworkers than they do at home with their families. Make sure that everyone enjoys their time together.

You can do this by encouraging social activities. Host an afternoon happy hour where your team can talk to one another without the pressures of work.

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