Fall Into These Good Interview Habits

Have you ever wondered how to nail an interview and be sure to get that offer? Interviews can start to feel like a Sisyphean task after a while. You push the same boulder up the same hill over and over again by answering identical questions for all the potential employers. It doesn’t have to be that way. What do successful candidates do differently to get that job offer and make them stand out from their competition? Here are some great habits that can take you to the next level.

Do Your Research

The candidates who are knocking it out of the park are definitely those who have spent time preparing for the interview. Step one is to do your research. Don’t walk into the interview not knowing anything about the company. Information is easy to find today with access to social media, LinkedIn, websites, and even news about the company.

Make the Best First Impression

Your interview doesn’t start when the first question is asked. Every step you take is being judged. When you enter the building for your very first meeting, they are already going to have an impression about you. How you interact with the first people you meet will also influence their decision. Be polite, thankful, and even helpful to anyone you talk to before your interview.

Build a Rapport

Managers want to hire people they genuinely like, so take time to build a rapport with them. Don’t just present who you are as a candidate, talk to them about who you are as a person. And don’t forget to find out what makes them tick on a personal level as well. Getting to know someone is a big part of making a great impression.

Be Concise

Of course, you can take the conversation a little far if you spend too much time dwelling on any one thing. When you talk about your experience, don’t dwell on individual facts or tell long or drawn-out stories that will lose their attention. Instead, focus on being concise and providing just the right amount of information.

Ask the Right Questions

Interviews should also be a give and take. Not only should they ask questions for you to answer, but you also need to ask them important questions too. Prepare some smart questions ahead of time to ask about what their expectations are for the job or what they like most about their position.

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