The Interview: Why Being Yourself Is Best

Saying what you think an employer wants to hear in an interview can feel like a good idea at the time. But it may not be your best bet to landing the job of your dreams. It’s important that you feel empowered and comfortable being yourself or you may find yourself in a situation that isn’t a good match for your personality and work style. Here are some tips to help you be your most authentic self in the interview and land your next job.

Be Honest and Authentic

We all fudge things a little bit when it comes to an interview. You may feel compelled to say what the hiring manager wants to hear, right? if you do this too much, they won’t actually be hiring you. They’ll be hiring an ideal and the relationship won’t work out long term.

Instead, be willing to state your experience honestly and with authenticity. You’ll come across as much more genuine.

Don’t Over-Prepare

You’ll read tons of blog posts online about how to prepare for interview questions ahead of time. We’ve posted our share right on this blog. But there is a step too far when it comes to preparing for your interview.

If you overthink what you want to say or try to anticipate all of the questions that will come your way, you may start sounding too rehearsed. This can affect your hiring managers opinion of you.

Tell Stories

Did you know that the best way for humans to connect to one another is through stories? It is a natural method for us to express ourselves, so it’s important that you utilize it in an interview. Rather than focusing on the information, tell a hiring manager about your experience.

Weave what you’ve done into a narrative that shares how you used your skills to help a previous employer solve a problem. The hiring manager will then be able to see what you can do for them.

Chat with Other Employees

Every aspect of your interview is part of the process. That includes your arrival time and how you interact with others in the office. If you’re cold or rude to the front desk representative, they will absolutely report that back to the hiring manager.

But you can use this to advantage. Make small talk with the receptionist when you come into the office. Ask questions about how they like working with the company. You can get as much information to help you make a decision as you give in these crucial minutes.

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