5 Things to Quickly Remove from Your Resume

There have been long-standing rules about resumes as long as there have been corporate jobs. But the job search is changing and some of the rules we thought were important are now considered outdated. So what do you need to leave off your resume? Here are just 5 things that we think can be left to resumes of the past and left off of resumes of the future

1. Street address

There was a time when you would feel obliged to include your entire address in your contact information. But today, with more people considering relocation and the use of cell phones without local area codes, it’s become less important. By not including it, you give yourself a fighting chance for jobs that may not have otherwise considered you for their opportunity.

2. Inappropriate email address

We can’t tell you how many times we’ve seen SizzleMomz or JimmyNeedsAJob as the email for candidates. You might think you’re being cute and clever or you might not think about it at all, but these informal email addresses make the wrong impression from the start. You can get email free through a number of hosts. The most popular today is Gmail. Use your first and last name or some combination, like JaneSmith or Jane.Smith or JSmith to make it more professional.

3. Too many bullet points

You certainly want to paint a complete picture of your skills and abilities, but exhaustive lists can be detrimental to your chances. Instead, focus on the few that are relevant to the job and showcase your achievements. You should be editing each resume to be specific to the job before sending it to the potential employer.

4. An endless number of jobs

You also don’t need to list everything you’ve ever done. A good rule of thumb is to only go back 10 years at the most and only include relevant jobs. So if you worked at a fast food place in college, leave it off. If you had a second job at a retail store, but you’re looking for work in your primary career category, leave it off.

5. A boring summary

For a long time, an objective was at the top of the list for a resume introduction. Over the last few years, that got replaced by a summary that will tell a company more about you as a candidate. But, unless your summary is truly attention-grabbing, you should avoid it all together. That’s right, you can leave off a summary if it doesn’t help your resume stand out.

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