Why You Should Work with a Local Recruiting Firm in Dallas to Hire Top Talent

If you’ve found yourself here, it probably means you’re looking at the possibility of working with a local recruiting firm right here in the Dallas area. So, what’s the difference between a local and a national staffing agency? How do you make the right decision about staffing for your company? What services do they provide? How does pricing compare? Before you get too far down the rabbit hole, let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons you might want to work with a Dallas staffing partner to hire top talent in your company.

They understand the needs of the Dallas area company.

Working with a company based in New York City or, worse, out of the country, won’t provide the specialized service that’s needed for a Dallas-centric company. The location has everything to do with staffing success, so starting out with a Dallas-based agency will give you a leg up on your competition.

They have access to the local talent you need to succeed.

Part of the reason for this is because a Dallas-based staffing agency will be involved within the local community. Especially considering the size and scope of the Dallas area, it’s imperative that a service fully understand the challenges of staffing over a wide geographic location. In this case, matching skills and location are essential.

They can work with you on rates and programs to fit your needs.

Rather than providing a menu of items from their services, a local agency can work with you to develop a personalized service. This allows you to utilize their expertise in an a la carte fashion. They can create a program that is designed for you with your business and budget in mind.

They pre-screen and place local employees to help the economy grow.

By working within the Dallas area, they are also helping the local economy and local workforce. They’re not bringing in talent from other areas, they’re selecting from the already robust talent pool right here in our city. These recruiters have the experience needed to find the hidden talent in the Dallas job market.

Let’s not leave out the quality of the staffing firm.

CornerStone Staffing was recently chosen as one of The Dallas Business Journal’s best places to work and is the winner of the Consumers’ Choice Award.

Are you looking for a local staffing service to help you with your current workforce needs? Contact the team at CornerStone Staffing today to work with a top staffing agency in Dallas!


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