Facebook Jobs – What Do You Need to Know for Your Job Search

You’ve probably heard that you should be using social media to help you in your job search. But how do you find jobs on these fast moving platforms? When it comes to Facebook, there are a few paths you can take to find local companies currently hiring. On the popular social media site, you can find jobs by following individual companies or by using the Facebook Jobs feature itself. But before you blaze your own trail, here are a few things to know.

How to find jobs on Facebook.

If you visit Facebook.com/jobs you will be given posts from nearby businesses currently seeking new employees. But this isn’t the only way to find jobs on Facebook. Another thing you can do is to follow companies in your area that spark your interest. Once you do, you will be able to check on their pages and see posts as soon as they’re made. CornerStone Staffing posts weekly Hot Jobs on their Facebook page. Follow CornerStone Staffing on Facebook

How to apply with companies.

Their online platform does allow for the inclusion of a simple online application. However, before you click on the apply button and enter your information, don’t forget to read the complete job posting to learn if there are any additional or different instructions. Always follow the instructions the company provides even if it’s easier to click “apply.”

How to keep your profile employer ready.

It’s also important that you maintain a professional-level Facebook profile. Why? Even if you have your security settings as high as they can be, there are still a couple of things that are always public. For example, your profile picture and cover photo will always show up in a public search. If your photo is questionable in nature, you may not get that phone call once they receive your resume.

How to interact with businesses online.

Of course, as we mentioned, online applications aren’t the only way to interact with a business online. If you follow your top companies, you also need to engage with them. Follow their posts, make appropriate comments, and share content with your network. This will help you become a known entity to the company and they may consider you sooner if they see your name come across on an application or inquiry.

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