Mastering the Art of an Impactful Cover Letter

Have you given much thought to your cover letter? You may not have considered it lately, or you may have even decided to skip it all together. But the truth is, a cover letter is an important part of your job search. When you craft an inviting cover letter, you can positively influence the reader to connect with you. So how can you make sure your cover letter is making the impact you need? Here’s how.

The Purpose of a Cover Letter

Before you can write a great cover letter, you really need to understand its purpose. What do you want to accomplish with it? Ultimately, you want the recruiter or hiring manager to read the cover letter and be interested enough to consider your resume or give you a call.

As a job seeker, you need to let the employer know more about you as a candidate and share with them why you would be a good fit for the job. To do this there are just a few things to keep in mind.

What to Do and Not Do for Your Cover Letter

  • Don’t make it too long. Always keep your cover letter to just one page. Since a lot of cover letters are emailed, it can be hard to determine just how long they should be. One of the easiest ways to ensure it isn’t too long is to keep it to three concise paragraphs.
  • Personalize it for each employer. Never send a generic cover letter. Even in the best case, it will come across as uninspired and even unrelated to the job at hand. In the worst case scenario, you could even forget to change important information.
  • Edit and proofread before you send. This also means that you need to pay specific attention to the grammar and spelling before you hit send. Your cover letter will make a first impression, and if there are errors that impression won’t be positive.
  • Focus on specific accomplishments. Make sure you’re letting them know why you would be a fit for them. To do this, mention one or two accomplishments that relates directly to the job they’re looking to fill.

For more information on writing a great cover letter, check out this cover letter template.

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