Need to Hire Call Center Staff in Dallas Fast? Here’s What to Do!

Hiring for a call center is unlike any other industry. Often, there are periods of heavy ramping up and high call volume, and it’s essential to be prepared. So what happens if you’re under pressure to hire top call center staff in a very short amount of time? Before you go one step further, consider working with an agency that specializes in call center placement. Here are just a few steps to get started.

Speak with representatives to narrow your search.

If you simply google for agencies in your area, you’re going to get a large list. So how do you narrow them down? Look for those services that specialize in call center placement. Then, it’s time to do things the old-fashioned way. Email or call each agency to talk with them about their processes and determine your comfort level and their skills.

Ask about their processes to better understand.

To learn more about them, ask about their staffing process. How do they source candidates for open call center positions? What is their pre-employment screening process? What additional services do they offer? How do they set up interviews? How do they manage their temporary staff while they’re on the job?

Share with them your needs for staffing.

Next, tell them more about your needs. While it may be relatively straight forward, such as “We need call center reps,” it’s never generally that cut and dry. What makes your call center unique? Who are your top performers and what personality traits do they have in common? What is your typical rate of turnover and what would you like to do about that?

Talk about their operations to best serve your company.

Lastly, it’s time to narrow down the choices to the agency that is right for you. When you feel a comfort level with an agency, talk to their team and learn more about their general day-to-day operations and how it will fit in with your call center environment. Talk to the recruiters who will be handling your account as well as other representatives from the team.

Are you looking for top call center reps for your company?

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