Don’t Overlook Your Company’s Most Valuable Resource!

While turnover can be an unfortunate side-effect of doing business, when a pattern starts to emerge that more people are leaving than starting, you may have a problem on your hands. If you ignore your employees or don’t work hard to retain them, you may find yourself in a position to consistently replace even your top talent. Many people spend a lot of time focusing on their customers they tend to forget that their team is their most valuable resource. So how can you make sure you’re treating your employees right and reinforcing their loyalty? Here’s how.

Review your management techniques.

No matter how easy it is to blame problems on your staff, if the issue is happening over and over again, it may be time to review your own behaviors. What are the common denominators when it comes to employee turnover? Do you micromanage? Do you communicate poorly? What can you do to improve your employee experience?

Focus on long-term career development.

Another common reason for employee turnover is a lack of career advancement. Even if you aren’t able to promote everyone on your team, there should be some long-term goals they can accomplish. Otherwise, they may become restless and begin looking for opportunities elsewhere.

Make the right initial hiring decision.

Of course, one of the ways to prevent turnover is to focus on your process before an employee even starts. Your hiring process should allow you to bring the best possible candidates on board who are a fit with your office environment and business needs. How do you do that? By reviewing how you interview and what kind of compensation package you offer.

Communicate changes in expectation.

There will certainly be times when you need to make large-scale changes to your business. And it isn’t that employees can’t handle change, but people are equipped to deal with it differently. Change is not the problem, often the issue is how to communicate the change. If you have a change in expectation on the job, be sure to share that with your team in a way that is understandable and encouraging.

Make the workplace fun and different.

Lastly, you want to create an environment that encourages your team to come to work every day. They will spend more time at your office and with their coworkers than they will spend at home with their family. Make this experience fun for them so they aren’t dreading their workday. Your office culture should reflect your values as a company and provide incentives and ways to make the day enjoyable.

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